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Standard Features
  • Typical carton speeds, CF80 up to 80 cpm, CF150 up to 150 cpm, CF200 up to 200 cpm
  • Maintenance free
  • Simply designed but robust stainless steel construction
  • Full visibility and access into the machine
  • Servo Motors drive all axis independently
  • The PLC touch-screen allows all machine functions to be adjusted
  • Magazine level control
  • Low carton magazine for easy filling
  • Size change available within 10 minutes
  • Indirect blank feeding
  • Carton erect control under tooling
Optional Extras
  • Motorised carton magazine
  • Extended carton magazine
  • Vacuum take-away conveyor
  • Fixed size forming head and plunger per carton size, per lane
  • Different sizes can be formed simultaneously in different lanes (e.g. base and lid)
  • Other means of forming (e.g. turn-over-end) are available on request
Specially designed for customers who require lock cartons ready for automatic or manual loading at speeds of up to 200cpm. The full servo Gemini Carton Former has independent axis driving each station for complete flexibility between carton sizes.

A low level carton magazine makes life easy for the operator, along with quick size changing through the adjustable magazine and quick release plungers and lightweight carbon fibre forming heads. The Gemini Series is available in single, double or triple heads giving respective speeds of 80cpm, 150cpm and 200cpm.

The Gemini Machine is a member of the Top Load Carton Erector family produced by 3SL PacTec.

Other ranges of machinery include end loaders, robotic loaders, a full range of carton closers and all types of product specific infeed systems.

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