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3SL PacTec

Markets served

3SL PacTec is serving a sustainably growing world market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

As a supplier of product handling and packaging systems using the latest robotic technology we focus on our strengths and competencies in the food (frozen and dry), chocolate and confectionery sector.

Thanks to the versatility of the equipment we produce we also provide intelligent solutions to many non-food industries.

We supply machines and systems for fast moving consumer goods around the world.

Reference projects can be found among frozen fish, hamburger and pizza, wafer, chocolate bar, biscuit, chewing gum, tea and baby food manufacturers as well as with providers of dish washer tablets, razor blades or femcare products.

Many of the world’s most famous brands are packed on our systems.

Frozen food has a long tradition at 3SL PacTec

We have always had a strong position in the frozen food industry. Customers in this market segment demand fully-automated packaging solutions at highest performance and availability.

Europe’s most effective packaging line for frozen fish has been realised by us. Using 12 Delta Robots we pack more than 100 different fish products into folding cartons and cases. Other installations from 3SL PacTec apply for hamburger patties, pizzas, baguettes, frozen fruits and vegetables (IQF) et cetera.

Fresh food and liquids

High-speed packaging / Multi pack & end of line equipment.

In this segment we cover the whole range of packaging machinery. As a general contractor we supply complete lines starting with your product to the end of line equipment.

3SL PacTec is well prepared to play an important role in the world-wide growing segment bakery & biscuits

The bakery and biscuits sector is characterised by smaller and bigger organisations. The requirements regarding the degree of automation differ accordingly.

3SL PacTec offers a variety of packaging solutions for this market segment. Semi-automatic solutions or fully automated high speed applications also incorporating robotics. Our services start from initial planning of your packaging line through installation, trouble free commissioning and after-sales support.

The world´s most famous chocolate bars are packed on our machines

Especially our Toploaders Aquila and Cassiopeia have been developed to load bars and chocolate tablets into cartons, trays or even into the in-feed chain of a horizontal wrapper to produce multipacks. We achieve very high performances with our robot loaders and offer a maximum of variability in terms of packaging types, style and collations required.

When it comes to random fed products like chocolate candies our customers rely on our experience in the field of vision based robotics. A camera identifies the exact position of the product on the feed conveyor. Each robot involved immediately gets the information which product to pick and where to place it.

Amazing, over and over again. Thanks to the know-how of our software engineers.

Also Day-to-Day products require efficient packaging

Compared with the highly automated food industry there is still a considerable potential for automation of packaging in the non-food industry.

Our packaging equipment also for this sector, regardless of top load or end load, stand out due to high flexibility and compatibility. Robot applications have opened new cost-effective options for automation you not even have thought about not a long time ago.

Washing, cleaning, products for care and beauty or automotive goods are typical applications.

Specialised in Bag-in-Box Solutions

Together with our partner from vertical bagging we supply integrated bag-in-box solutions for products like loose tea, milk powder, coffee, rice, cereals or pet food, provided it is dry.

Our efficient end-load cartoning machines are well proven for this kind of applications.